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90 Day Parts & Workmanship Warranty

IMPLS Launch Warranties our products for 90 Days from date of purchase for issues with parts and workmanship. We inspect and test our products before sale. In case you discover and report an issue with the appearance or operation of a product purchased from IMPLS Launch Systems, we will replace that product or component with a new product of the same kind.


Warranty items include Launch Controllers, launch leads including alligator clips and banana jacks, Power Packs, ethernet extension cables, and Storage Cartons.


If you report a problem within 90 days of purchase we will discuss a remedy with you and honor this warranty by replacing the item or items  at no cost to you. In the case of Launch Controller or Launch Rack replacement we require that you return the original product to us with packing materials and shipping provided by IMPLS Launch Systems.


After the 90 day Warranty, we offer a Service and Repair Program. We will in many cases repair or replace a Launch Controller at little or no cost to you.


Report any issue to We will respond promptly with our phone number and questions related to the issue you are experiencing. We want you to be happy with your purchase and we will satisfy your concerns quickly.​

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