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  • How do I pronounce IMPLS Launch?
    It's simple. Impulse Launch Systems. Crafty spelling made trademarking our name a lot easier.
  • What are kid-friendly clips?
    Well if you ask me they are expensive and annoying. The fact is that our kids do have trouble using regular alligator clips. So for your sport launches, Micro-clips are the standard. Near as we can tell, they are more expensive because thay must be hand-made, or at least hand-assembled.
  • Why ethernet cables?
    Ethernet cables are inexpensive and widely available. They will break at some point, but all cables can break, and a replacement cable is available online or in big box stores everywhere.
  • What is your Warranty for products?
    IMPLS Launch Warranties our products for 90 Days from date of purchase for issues with parts and workmanship. We inspect and test our products before sale. In case you discover and report an issue with the appearance or operation of a product purchased from IMPLS Launch Systems, we will replace that product or component with a new product of the same kind. Read the full Warranty Policy here.
  • Do you handle Purchase Orders (PO's)?
    Yes. Gloria is our master of all things educational. Most school districts require that we register as an approved vendor. Send the application to and we'll get started on it right away.
  • So there are two versions of the fiver Launch Controller?
    Yes. The fiver-B is bundled with the SPORT Launch Rack and is specially designed to work with the SPORT. The launch lead length, kid-friendly clips, and launch lead no-snag jacket make this an especially valuable bundle for new sections off to a great start. The fiver-C includes banana plug connectors for all leads so that you can customize your launch lead lengths for the launch setup you already have. You select from either kid-friendly or full sized alligator clips. You may trim your launch leads and re-connect the (solderless) banana plugs with nothing more than wire cutters.
  • What are the differences between the fiver and HPR series controllers?
    All have the same electical ratings. The HPR series controllers have larger controller spools to hold up to a 300 ft. extension cord. They also have a LOUD siren to alert evereyone on the field of ARM condition.
  • Why do your wired controllers only have five launch positions?
    This is because there are only 8 wires in an ethernet cable. Five postions, +Power, +Arm, +Continuity = eight.
  • How long does the Power Pack last?
    Our experiance with Lithium Ion jump starter batteries is that they have been good for three to four years of regular use.
  • What happens if there is a short curcuit?
    Our launch controllers include a 10 Amp thermal circuit breaker. The breaker will trip if it passes 10 amps for more than half a second. The breaker is inline with the battery connector, which can carry 30 amps. If your controller experiances a short curcuit condition, the white button next to the battery connector will pop out. After you have cleared the fault condition, press the button to reset the breaker.
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