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Service and Repair Policy

When there are problems with one of our products, we need to gather diagnostic information about the nature of the failure in order to maximize reliability. We want you to believe in the quality and reliability of IMPLS Launch Systems. We also expect certain things from you.

Launch Controllers (Wired), Launch Stands/Racks

The full life cycle of all IMPLS Launch Controllers is targeted at ten years. This policy addresses the failure of electrical components after the 90 Day Parts and Workmanship Warranty. These policies do not include provisions for cosmetic damage such as discoloration, scratches, or damage resulting from improper handling. Accidents happen. Report your issue and we will discuss an offer with you. 


Launch Racks and Stands should enjoy similar longevity, but they are subject to shocks and wear as a result of normal use.


Delivered items not covered:

  1. Launch leads including alligator clips and banana plugs.

  2. Power Packs.

  3. Ethernet cables.

  4. Storage Cartons.

  5. Blast Plates.


Replacement components are available for sale by IMPLS Launch Systems.


Repairs; We design our Launch Controllers to be partially disassembled and repaired or fully disassembled and rebuilt. Repairs require that the product be returned to our shop. In this case, we may (based on certain considerations) agree to ship a refurbished controller to you if you agree to return the original product to IMPLS Launch Systems.


Repair or replacement is conditional, based on customers using the controller and storing the controller in a responsible manner. We have the following expectations:

  1. Launch controllers will not be used for any purpose other than launching Rockets with commercially available rocket motors, or motors created according to TRA research guidelines.

  2. Launch controllers will be handled in use as one would handle any electrical device. They will not be subjected to physical shock and will not be used for any purpose other than launching rockets.

  3. Launch controllers will be stored in cool dry conditions and not in direct sunlight. Controllers stowed in vehicles will be stored in a box or carton in order to reduce physical shock and protect from long-term UV exposure.

  4. Launch controllers will be shielded from exposure to rain and never immersed in water. In case of exposure to rain, controllers will be swabbed with a dry cloth and allowed to dry in air.


In case you report a failure, IMPLS Launch Systems will initially require a picture of the product to ascertain the physical condition of the controller at time of failure. We may offer to repair or replace the product at cost.


If we can see that you have taken good care of your controller, we are very interested in learning about how it failed so that we can evaluate components or design in order to improve our products for everyone. In this case we will offer you a reduced price to replace the controller with a new or refurbished unit of the same kind. 

Discontinued Products

We live in an age of cheap, disposable, products. This is not the business IMPLS Launch Systems is in. If at any time we discontinue production and sale of a product, we will notify you that we have done so, and that this Service and Repair Program will terminate 6 months after that end-of-life announcement.

Report any issue to We will respond promptly with our phone number and questions related to the issue you are experiencing. We want you to be happy with your purchase and we will satisfy your concerns quickly.

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