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Recommended Batteries

Our Power Pack is a 20000ma/h 12v  power source with a charger and USB port. It may also be used as a car Jump starter and includes battery clamps for that purpose. It connects directly to your controller with a safe EC-5 plug (included). You may choose to use your own EC-5 12v power pack but we hope you find ours a good value for $50.00. With a fresh charge it is good for full day of launches.


IMPLS launch controllers are designed to work with Li-ion automotive jump-start batteries. The connector for this battery is included. The connectors shown at the right are EC-5 connectors. Some jump-start battery products use another style of connector that will not work with our built-in plug.

We hope that you will agree that this design feature is safer and more reliable than clamping onto heavy lead-acid batteries. 

If you wish to use a 12v lead-acid (car or motorcycle) battery, you will need to purchase the optional battery clamp adapter. It is a cheap option. Please NOTE: The battery clamp unit included with these Jump-Start products (shown at right) will not allow you to hook up a Launch Controller, because it does not carry a charge.  Notice the module at the base of the jumper cables? It is a relay that will not switch on if you connect the clamps backwards, or the battery is completely dead (no charge). 

Please consider our recommended batteries. They are durable, safe, and reliable. We have been using them on our launch fields for more than five years. I used one to power an entire 150w PA system for three days at the 2017 NSL in Alamogordo, NM.

Taking battery clamps out of the picture eliminates the risk of a short circuit. You can also charge your altimeter or cell phone, as they include USB charge ports. You´ll find a list of compatible battery products at the bottom of this page.

Please take care to note the customer reviews of these products. We do not make money when you buy them and do not have time or money to quality test them. We are showing you products that have an EC-5 connector that is compatible with our controller.

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