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About Us

Thomas and Gloria Kindig of Las Cruces, New Mexico are IMPLS Launch Systems.  We live in the Land of Enchantment and, we gotta say, the easiest place anywhere to launch rockets — big ones, and small. We are both L2 certified. We are members of both NAR and TRA. We work with families and student groups from middle school to university to build rockets and gain knowledge and experience in rocketry.

We have over 20 years of experience in building and launching rockets. We are  registered TARC (The American Rocketry Challenge) mentors. We have mentored students from 5th grade through University. We have participated in NASA SLI (Student Launch Initiative) and the ESRA (Experimental Sounding Rocket Association) programs and activities.


Gloria is a science teacher, STEM Teacher Educator, and the Education Director for FLARE Section #577.  Thomas is President of FLARE Section #577 and Prefect for Tripoli White Sands #61. He has over 40 years of professional experience from Cryptographic Systems Technician to IT Network Systems Management.

We want our rocketry community to enjoy safe, well designed, launch products that are easy to set up and use. Our products comply with Rocketry Safety rules. They are built to satisfy the needs of your section, prefecture, or school.

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