The shop is pretty well set up and complete. Now is the time to invest in an electronics workbench, so that is what we are doing. We are exploring wireless controllers.

Gloria and I are both L2 Certified and launch with NAR and TRA. High Power setups are of special interest to us and we will support this segment of the hobby. As soon as things open up a bit more and the contagion rate in our city come down, we will start work on some heavy launch pads for sale.

While these controllers are not electrically different, some features need to be done differently.  A-E rockets can be 9 inches apart on the rack. HPR rockets need to some breathing room.  So long leads and local (under your nose at the pad) continuity buttons are also a great feature. 

The HPR-III and HPR-V controllers will provide these features. It costs more, but we hope you will appreciate the advantages.

We also feel that a field-tough Pubic Address system would be a real asset for many clubs. It is actually not very costly to assemble a 12v PA system with an amplifier produced for the auto market. The expensive parts are horn type speakers and tall speaker stands. The stands are expensive to ship because they are bulky.

We will be exploring options for production of HPR launch stands at a couple of local metal shops. Shipping, again, is the chief concern.

Yup. That's about it. The Shop.

If you have thoughts about the above or other ideas, please share them with us. No one is getting rich here. The Rocketry community is a small and specialized market. We're counting on you to tell us what you need on your launch field.