We pre-ordered an X-Carve Pro CNC machine and it will be delivered in March. When we were contemplating the manufacture of launch controllers in 2019, the hardest part was cutting the ethernet and EC-5 ports into the cabinets. Then our son gave us a Genmitsu CNC Router, totally out of the blue, for Christmas. He is a clever and observant young man and this tool made it possible for us to move forward very quickly. The ports look very professional and are the same on each controller. The larger X-Carve Pro will allow us to cut sets of parts instead of one part at a time.  Since it is faster, more ridged, and more powerful — we will be able to cut with greater precision. We can even cut aluminium.

We have created a larger spool element for use in the HPR controllers. The HPR-I now includes options to order with a 50', 100' or 300' extensions. The HPR-III and HPR-V controllers come with 100' cable, with an option to order with a 300' cable. The larger spool is to accommodate both longer launch leads and up to a 300' extension.