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We have been working on a Public Address System for you launch field. PA-Zazz will be a compact system with eight foot speaker towers and a wireless dual microphone setup.

This product will be more of an integration than a manu-facture. It will use our standard power Pack. I have had years of good experience with Pyle Audio products, and I respect the quality and durability of them. Inside the PA-Zazz case will be a Pyle Hydra Marine Audio amplifier with 100 watts RMS on two channels. The Pyle Horn Speakers are 100 Db and they are compact and efficient.  The wireless microphone system provides two neck-sling and two lapel microphones with independent volume adjustment on two channels.  Speakers, amplifer, and power integration for the wireless mic system need to be done in the shop. 


The speaker stands do not need modification, so we are planning to have them delivered directly from the seller with your order. 

We are planning to offer an option for four speakers which may be daisy-chained for maximum coverage.

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