IMPLS fiver


The IMPLS fiver is a five pad controller with a wired console. The fiver includes a 50ft ethernet cable to connect the controller to the console. It requires a 12v battery connected to the controller at the pads.

The fiver provides audible continuity test at the pad and console. A console key switch locks out arming the system. An arm switch on the controller must be switched to Arm to allow arming the controller from the console. When armed, the controler sounds a siren to warn of Arm condition. Arm may be dropped at the controller by flipping the Arm switch back to Safe.



The IMPLS sport is a five pad launch rack with steel blast plates and fiberglass standoffs. It is designed to be used with the IMPLS fiver controller. This rack folds into a neat package with carrying handle. Launch rods and standoffs are stored neatly inside. You may adjust the angle of launch at any time with a simple lever. Five 1/8¨ and two 3/16¨ launch rods are included. The Launch rods are secured to the rack so that they may not follow your rockets into the sky. The sturdy steel construction of the IMPLS sport will serve your club for many years.

IMPLS fiver/SPORT Bundle


Bundle the fiver and SPORT together for a sweet price. This your complete Launch system and five position Launch Rack in one happy bundle. 



The IMPLS Launch Systems HPR-I is a single pad controller with a wired console and 50 ft. extension to connect the controller to the console. You may order with a 100' or 300' cable for H+ motors.

This is our least expensive controller and we think it is ideal for TARC teams and small clubs who launch some larger rockets.



The IMPLS Launch Systems HPR-III is a three pad controller with a wired console and 100 or 300 ft. extension to connect controller to console.

This controller is designed for clubs who launch some HPR and need an affordable solution for H-L Class 2 Launches.



The IMPLS Launch Systems HPR-V is a five pad controller with a wired console and 100 or 300 ft. extension to connect controller to console.

This controller is the ultimate wired  solution for H-L Class 2 Launches.

BASE EH Launch Stand


The BASE EH  is a heavy duty single rocket launch stand with integrated blast plate and 6 ft. 1010 launch rail.  

This sturdy launch platform is good for rockets up to 6 lbs. It has fully adjustable launch angle, rotation, and drop down to load your rocket.

HPR-I / BASE EH Bundle


Our HPR-I / BASE EH  Bundle is a complete setup for TARC teams or anyone who wants a ready-to-go High Power Rocket launch operation.

As you might hope, the Bundle includes all of the benefits of each product. 

Steel Launch Rods


We braze 1/8" and 3/16" three foot steel rods to a 10-24 or 1/4-20 coupler nut. If you want to take advantage of our rods, all you need to do is visit your local hardware store and buy bolts to outfit your rack. Leave the rest up to us.


We are sure you will agree that this is an excellent way to fasten launch rods to a rack. We are proud of the quality of these rods, and with a little care and upkeep they should last for many years.