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Updated: May 25, 2020

Sometimes I am wearing my business hat, and other times I don my leadership hat. As one of the founders of IMPLS Launch I have to decide how to serve the rocketry community. As President of FLARE NAR #577 and Prefect of TRA White Sands #61 I sometimes have to make decisions informed by the directives of the organization and the knowledge and skills of my fellow rocketeers.

Thomas & Gloria & Big Enough to Know Better

Now is a good time to consider your organization and ask a few questions. How can we improve our performance and enhance safety? How can we be more effective in our community? What this means to you and your peers may depend on local interests.

Whether your communications are by phone, chat, email, or video conferencing - now is a good time to consider opportunities to strengthen your section and everyone in it. Most of us are not currently launching or meeting due to stay-at-home directives. You could use this downtime to work on rockets, but you could also use some of it to work on the bigger picture.

I have focused my attention on styling our section(s) to be a quasi-professional group; that is, look for opportunities to serve the communities where we live. This is mostly about young people and more specifically young families. There are also opportunities in the educational community as rocketry relates to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

When I say quasi-professional I mean only that we do not charge for our services, but we do conduct ourselves and our launches in a very professional manner. This works really well and is not hard to do when we observe the safety rules. I don’t know your crew, but I can speak for mine; there is no drinking or cursing going on at our events. They are family friendly. Also, we have a nice PA system set up when we host schools, scouts, or conduct public launches.

Atomic Aggies in Season

On the STEM front, we host rocket building workshops, mentor university engineering teams in rocketry, and conduct certification launches. These activities have, over the years, been to foster NASA SLI, CANSAT, ESRA and others. I think I can speak for my crew to say that these are very rewarding activities.

We also have members who focus on NRC (National Records Competition) and have several NRC launches each year. These are of course open and announced in advance. No matter what the interests of your section membership - a safe, reliable launch system is an excellent improvement. The NAR Safety Grant program is a resource you should consider. You can defray the cost of your new system investment by as much as $250.00.

Inside a fiver

Switching back to my business owner's hat, IMPLS Launch Systems offer products that we hope you will see as great investments in our hobby. We have put a lot of careful thought and testing into the creation of our systems. They are clean, simple, and reliable. They are designed with the safety rules in mind. Please take a look at our products and see if you agree. If you have any questions or suggestions please send us a message. Our success is in your hands.

Look Up!


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