Looking to a Brighter Future

So many have been signing up for the newsletter I feel bad about having little to report. This edition of the mailing will be a bit more personal. We don't have a new product to announce. I want to share where things are at and what we are working on.

First some good news. For those of you who have not heard, the NAR will be conducting a Virtual NARAM in August. The event directors called on Vendors to donate prize certificates for drawing prizes. We decided to offer three Certificates for a special price on a fiver/SPORT Bundle for 10% discount plus free shipping within the US. This works out to ~$90 discount for three lucky winners. The Virtual NARAM is a welcome event and looks to be well designed. We're happy to contribute to its success.

Gloria and I started this business last November. We took care of all of the business of registering and licensing the business in New Mexico. We got our Federal registration and trademarked our logo. We took some small business classes at our local community college. We built our first products, and launched the business in the rocketry community at the March NARCON in Tucson, Az. A few weeks later we opened up the shopping cart, and pretty quickly sold four fiver/SPORT bundles with the Power Pack option.

Meanwhile the whole world was shutting down due to the pandemic. We're sure glad we did not choose to open a restaurant. That would have been a disaster. That being said, this was really unfortunate timing and we have had to think carefully about how to move forward with this enterprise. We have not sold anything since the first week of June. We don't see this as a failure -- it is just the reality of the situation we are all dealing with. So, deal with it we will.

I am sure most of you can appreciate the idea of looking at adversity as an opportunity, instead of just a threat. This is what we have decided to do. Since there is no need to spend hours each day in the shop fabricating products to keep up with demand -- this is an opportunity to put in some serious development work. I have come to understand that the costs of producing the HPR III and HPR V controllers will result in higher prices than I had hoped. With 300 or 500 ft cables, they also do not really fit neatly in a reasonable sized carton for storage. This "Everything in one place" is a core principle of our work. I had always meant to explore wireless systems anyway. It seems like sooner, rather than later, would be wise.

Wireless would also open up the possibility of outfitting larger launch ranges with ranks and banks of launch positions. A large range with dozens of controller cords is messy. Wireless systems capable of mesh networking would be much nicer. While my mechanical workshop is pretty much complete, some investments in an electronic workbench and development kit were needed. Gloria and I have started making those investments.

By this time we had also hoped to have developed some HPR launch pads. We were going to work with a local metal fab shop on this, but a stay at home order shut that hope down for a while. We'll get back to that soon. Right now the contagion rates in our community is too high to take that risk.

We're willing to put in the work. We think all we need is some patience and some luck!

We hope you will stay safe and come through this in good health for you, your family and friends. Please remember IMPLS Launch Systems when your launch ranges are ready to open up again. We hope you are able to consider this time an opportunity to save up and invest in a nice launch system when we all get through this together.

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