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SPORT Launch Rack


The IMPLS sport is a five pad launch rack with threaded launch rods and steel blast plates. It is designed to be used with the IMPLS fiver controller. This rack folds into a neat package with carrying handle. Launch rods and standoffs are stored inside. You may adjust the angle of launch at any time with a simple lever.

  • Five 1/8¨ and two 3/16¨ launch rods are included.

  • Launch rods are secured to the rack so that they may not follow your rockets into the sky

  • High Contrast pad numbering.

  • Adjustable Launch Angle limited to ~18º.

  • Sturdy steel rack construction for years of reliable service.

Setup and tear-down are a one person operation. The sturdy steel construction of the IMPLS sport will serve you for many years.

Note: Standoffs not included. Spent D motor casings are ideal.

Buy Now, or request a quote if you have special instructions.

Owner's Manual
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