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HPR-III Launch Controller


Important note: IMPLS launch controllers are designed to work with Li-ion automotive jump-start batteries. The connector for this battery is included.








We offer a Power Pack option which includes a battery.

Please review our support article about Recommended Batteries before you make your purchase. 


The IMPLS Launch Systems HPR-III (HPR THREE) is a three pad controller with a wired console and 300ft extension to connect controller to console. It requires a 12v battery connected to the controller at the pad.

This controller is designed for clubs who launch HPR and need an affordable solution for H-L Class 2 Launches.​

These controllers provide long launch leads and pad-mounted continuity test buttons so the flyer can test hookup without walking back to the controller.

  • Fill in your pad numbers with the included Wax Pencil

  • One 6 ft and two 14 ft launch leads

  • 100 or 300 ft. extension cable

  • Local and remote continuity test

  • Large HPR alligator clips for secure hook up

  • Includes a 10 amp thermal circuit breaker in case of a short circuit. 

A single ARM/Safe switch arms all three pads.

Our Power Pack is a 20000ma/h 12v  power source with a charger and USB port. It may also be used as a car Jump starter and includes battery clamps for that purpose. It connects directly to your controller with a safe EC-5 plug (included). You may choose to use your own EC-5 12v power pack but we hope you find ours a good value for $50.00. With a fresh charge it is good for full day of launches.


Clean and simple. Easy setup, operation, and tear down. All components fit together on the field and in storage too. No loose parts means no disappointments.

Owner's Manual

Buy Now, or request a quote if you have special instructions. We keep one or more HPR-III controllers in stock. We usually ship your controller the day you order.

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