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HPR-I / BASE E-H Bundle


The IMPLS Launch Systems HPR-I is a single pad controller with a wired console and 50ft extension to connect the controller to the console. It requires a 12v battery connected to the controller at the pad.

The included 50' extension is suitable for E, F, G motors. Upgrade to 100' or 300' ethernet cable options for H+ motors.

The HPR-I provides audible continuity test at the pads and console. A console key switch locks out arming the system. When armed, the controller sounds a LOUD siren to warn of Arm condition.

The controller is built into a wire spool so that the ethernet, launch leads, and battery connector may be spooled into one neat package. 

  • Full size heavy duty igniter clips are suitable for MPR and HPR ignitors.

  • Check continuity at the controller and at the console. A loud piezo buzzer indicates good continuity.

  • When armed, a siren sounds so that everyone is aware that a launch is about to happen.

  • Uses standard ethernet cable. You can buy a spare 50ft. cable for less than $10. You can buy ethernet cables up to 300ft and they will work fine.

  • The controller includes a 10 amp thermal circuit breaker in case of a short circuit.

Important note: IMPLS launch controllers are designed to work with Li-ion automotive jump-start batteries. The connector for this battery is included.








We offer a Power Pack option which includes a battery.

Please review our support article about Recommended Batteries before you make your purchase. 


For medium and high power rockets consider our BASE EH Launch Stand. This stand includes a 6 ft 1010 aluminium launch rail, swivel head, and a bit chuck to secure up to 1/4" launch rods or our rail. 

  • Folding launch stand made of heavy duty steel. Light enough to carry, heavy enough to stay put.

  • Locking swivel head to lower your launch rail to mount a rocket. Fully adjustable rotation and launch angle.

  • Bit chuck for rods from 1/8 to 3/4 inch. The Chuck Key is attached to the stand, always ready when you need it.

  • Heavy duty steel blast plate and adjustable stand off.

  • For rockets up to 6 lbs.

Our Power Pack is a 20000ma/h 12v  power source with a charger and USB port. It may also be used as a car Jump starter and includes battery clamps for that purpose. It connects directly to your controller with a safe EC-5 plug (included). You may choose to use your own EC-5 12v power pack but we hope you find ours a good value for $50.00. With a fresh charge it is good for full day of launches.


Clean and simple. Easy setup, operation, and tear down. All components fit together on the field and in storage too. No loose parts means no disappointments.

Owner's Manual
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