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IMPLS fiver/SPORT Bundle


The IMPLS Launch Systems fiver is a five pad controller with a wired console. The fiver includes a 50ft ethernet cable to connect the controller to the console. It requires a 12v battery connected to the controller at the pad. This fiver comes with kid-friendly clips on the launch leads.

The fiver provides audible continuity test at the pads and console. A console key switch locks out arming the system. An arm switch on the controller must be switched to Arm to allow arming the controller from the console. When armed, the controller sounds a siren to warn of Arm condition. Arm may be dropped at the controller by flipping the Arm switch to Safe.

The controller is built into a wire spool so that the ethernet, launch leads, and battery connector may be spooled into one neat package. 

The IMPLS sport is a five pad launch rack with threaded launch rods and steel blast plates. It is designed to be used with the IMPLS fiver controller. This rack folds into a neat package with carrying handle. Launch rods and standoffs are stored inside. You may adjust the angle of launch at any time with a simple lever.

  • Five 1/8¨ and two 3/16¨ launch rods are included.

  • Launch rods are secured to the rack so that they may not follow your rockets into the sky

  • High Contrast pad numbering.

  • Adjustable Launch Angle limited to ~18º.

  • Sturdy steel rack construction for years of reliable service.

Setup and tear-down are a one person operation. The sturdy steel construction of the IMPLS sport will serve you for many years.

Owner's Manual

Important note: IMPLS launch controllers are designed to work with Li-ion automotive jump-start batteries. The connector for this battery is included. We offer a Power Pack option which includes a battery.

Please review our support article about Recommended Batteries before you make your purchase.

Buy now or request a quote if you have special instructions. We keep two or more in inventory and ship the same day when you order.

Owner's Manual
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